agape letter example

AGAPE - an expression of God’s unconditional love, freely given without pre-conditions, expectations or hesitation.

You have the privilege of creating and sending those expressions of Agape and of encouraging others to send expressions of God's love to the Sisters-in-Christ inside Hobby Unit.

Each participant will receive letters from each team member and others. These letters are treasured by the participants.

Agape: Written Guidelines


All cards/letters are handwritten. Use plain white paper/cards or commercially printed cards (white paper base).  NO  copies.  NO homemade stationary/cards using clip art, stamps, stickers, glitter, magic marker.  NO envelopes.  Please provide enough for all participants of the same design – may be signed by different signatures (insures equal number of the same design/type for all Ladies in White).

Address/Salutation: Dear Sister in White

Body: – affirmation of God’s love/forgiveness. Suggestions/examples:

  • I am so glad God has chosen you to be part of this Kairos weekend.  He chose you because He loves you.
  • Include a Scripture (your favorite quotation/Psalm). Psalm 46, 71 & 91 or John 15:16 are possibilites

Closing: - Suggestions/examples:

  • I hope you become an active member of the Kairos community at Hobby.  It is important to stay connected to your Kairos Sisters.
  • I hope you stay connected to your Kairos Sisters and attend Prayer and Share and Reunions each time they are scheduled.
  • I am praying that your heart will be open to God’s love and forgiveness.
  • I am praying that you will realize all things are possible with God.

 Signature: “In Christ”; “In Christ’s Love”; “Praying for You”

Use your Name but not your address.