Hobby #38 postponed till fall

Due to the fast spreading and highly contagious nature of the COVID 19 virus, Texas Department of Criminal Justice has suspended all visitation and volunteer activities throughout the state prison system till further notice. Therefore, Hobby #38 has been postponed until a later date and is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 14-17, 2020.The suspension of activities also includes weekly prayer and share and monthly reunions which team members will not be able to attend. However, Hobby Kairos participants will be encouraged to meet with their accountability groups when possible.

The Hobby Unit Advisory Council will continue to monitor and follow guidelines and instructions from KPMI and Kairos of Texas as the situation changes.

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  1. Cynthia Ponder

    I live in college station, Tx.
    I want to know if you are having your fall weekend in October?
    I have served on outside team’s for men’s weekends and been on 2 women’s weekends in NC many years ago.
    I also know others who might be interested. Please send me contact information.

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