#1:  3-1/2-Day "Weekend":

The Weekend is conducted at Hobby Unit by a team of women volunteers. (Male volunteers are on the inside team at men's units). The program begins on Wednesday eening and ends with   a spirit-filled Closing on Sunday. This event is just thhe  “starting point” as the participants are guided through the steps of understanding the Christian life.

Each day of the 3-1/2 days of the Weekend has a guiding purpose or focus. The activities for each day are designed to support that day’s purpose. As the day’s activities unfold, a building process is occurring. The Participants are led, step by step, through a growing understanding of the focus for that day, which is why Kairos is such a structured program. Every activity has a purpose that supports a higher purpose for the day, and every activity builds on prior activities. Everything has a place and an order.

The theme of each day of the Weekend and the focus for that day is:

Wednesday = Encountering Kairos
This day is a time to reduce anxiety (for both the Participants and the Team) and to begin to build comfort levels.

Thursday = Encountering Self
This day the Participants begin to understand themselves and their standing with God.

Friday = Encountering Christ
This day the Participants examine their relationship with Christ and others and the role of forgiveness in those relationships.

Saturday = Encountering Others
This day the Participants begin the process of growing in faith and community with others.


#2. Instructional Reunion

The Team returns to Hobby, usually the Saturday following the weekend,   to teach the newest members of the Inside Community how to form Prayer and Share Groups.

#3. Weekly Prayer and Share Group Fellowship

The weekly Prayer and Share group fellowship sessions are the heart of the Kairos program. The ultimate goal of weekend events is to build a Christian community inside the Institution. Prayer and Share Groups of 3 to 6 individuals provide an opportunity for the Inside Community to pray and fellowship together on a weekly basis by nurturing each other in their faith walk and providing accountability.

#4. Monthly Reunion

Participants provide leadership for monthly Reunions. Three or more participants are selected to share how Jesus is working in their lives. This gathering creates an environment that fosters participation and an opportunity for spiritual growth in the lives of the Participants. Team members return to Hobby for these reunions and often provide musical accompaniment for songs chosen by the participants.

#5.   Retreat

A   Retreat is held approximately 3 months following each Weekend. The Retreat is conducted by a small team with a minimum of 10 Kairos volunteers and is open to all participants who have experienced a Weekend. The team provides snacks and shares talks. Hobby retreats are one-day events.